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Hardware Repairs

Probably the most in-demand computer repair service is Hardware. Bytes IT's highly skilled technicians are experts in all things hardware. We are trained and experienced in repairing all brands of laptop and desktop PC's. That includes HP, Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell and much more.

You can also be sure that you are getting a high quality, long lasting repair. This is thanks to our policy of only using genuine or OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) parts to replace broken ones. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that the parts are secured by a lifetime warranty, just in case something is not quite right.

Our hardware repairs start from £55. This includes services such as screen replacements, battery replacements and hardware upgrades. If you need an Apple repairs start from £65 due to the devices being a bit more complicated to repair.

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Software Services

Sometimes you will run into issues with the software on your device, rather than the hardware. Be that your emails not working, your device freezing up or any of a million other possible problems.

Luckily your friendly local computer repair service can help you out with that too. We offer remote support services from just £30 for a half hour consultation. Remote support enables us to log into your device and diagnose and fix issues without you ever having to leave your house (or your comfy PJ's)!

As with everything though, there are times where remote support cannot solve a software issue. In this instance we will book your device in to our workshop to run diagnostics and fix there. This can sometimes be the case if your device keeps freezing or you have WiFi connection issues.

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Home Visits

Every now and then we come across IT issues that can't be resolved remotely or in the workshop. This can be anything from WiFi connection and signal strength issues, to printers not communicating or screens not working.

That's why we offer a Home Visit service to our clients. This is where one of our friendly technicians comes out to your home and quietly works away to resolve any issues that you may have. These visits are not limited to fixing just one issue. Our technicians are always happy to do "whilst you're here" work too, not matter what it may be.

Our Home visits start from £60 for the first hour, and then £50 per hour afterwards. If you think that you might need more than an hour, just let us know. We will do our best to schedule in an engineer with enough time to help you our with everything you need.

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Health Check

Bytes IT's comprehensive Health Check and Virus removal is the best way to get your computer cleaned up. We use state-of-the-art detection and cleaning software to comb through any nasty programs or files on your computer. Then our programs completely remove all traces of any malicious programs.

A Health Check is not just brilliant for safely removing all traces of malware and viruses from your computer. It's also great if your device is just running very slowly and you need a clean up. Our proprietary program cleans up all unnecessary files and fixes any broken links to make your machine as good as new.

A Health Check and Virus removal will cost you just £50 to get rid of all the nasties and make your device as good as new again. We can also set you up with award winning anti-virus from our cyber security partner ESET. This will ensure that you are continually protected from any future attempts to compromise your computer.

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