Home Visits

When remote support cannot solve an issue, we can send out one of our fully insured residential technicians to visit you at home.

If we make a visit, and we identify that the issue in question is going to take a long amount of time (and is going to exceed a reasonable cost) then we will take the computer back to our offices, resume and complete the work there, and then arrange for the unit to be dropped back over to you once everything has been resolved.

Why would I need a Home Visit?

Aside from remote support not being able to resolve an issue, sometimes some of the equipment that needs some attention is not reachable with this method. Most notable in this category would be any kind of device that needs to be configured over a wireless router / custom network (Wireless printer configurations being the most common here).

When are we available for Home Visits?

We are available to visit your home between 9AM and 6PM Monday to friday and 10AM to 4PM on Saturday. We are also able to offer emergency callouts between 6AM and 10PM everyday, however these have a small callout charge applied to them so we recommend all of our customers make use of the standard home visit service.